CAR artifact pics

Wolf Creek Indian Garden

Update 4: Day 64 (8:00 am, July 10th, 2009)

Fig 1

Figure 1 Looking NW at Revived Wichita Corn

Fig 2

Figure 2 Revived Wichita Winter Squash

Fig 3

Figure 3 Close-up of Wichita Winter Squash Blossom

Fig 4

Figure 4 Arikara Beans

Fig 5

Figure 5 Close-up of Young Hidatsa Sunflower Plant

Fig 6

Figure 6 Close-up of Arikara Melons

Fig 7

Figure 7 Revived Arikara Melon Vines

Fig 8

Figure 8 Revived Arikara Squash Vines (Compare to Day 63, Figure 2)

Fig 9

Figure 9 Revived Arikara Squash Vines

Fig 10

Figure 10 Close-up of Arikara Winter Squash

Fig 11

Figure 11 Close-up of Arikara Winter Squash Blossom

Fig 12

Figure 12 Close-up of Arikara Winter Squash

Fig 13

Figure 13 Variegated Frittary (Euptoieta claudia) Butterflies are Frequent Visitors to the Garden



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