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This section provides a number of bibliographies arranged by topic or area of research.  While none of these bibliographies contain all of the known references for a given topic, we hope that readers will find them useful for identifying many of the traditional or most often used sources.  If you are aware of other important articles or books not included here please contact us and let us know.  Also, if you do not have access to a major library system and are having trouble obtaining some of the references listed here, please read the short article below entitled “Conducting Research using Internet Resources”.  This article contains a short overview of the types of Internet resources that we have found useful, as well as other options for obtaining copies of journal articles or books.  Over the upcoming months we will endeavor to update existing bibliographies and assemble new ones.  Thus, if you have an idea for a new bibliography that might be of interest to others please feel free to contact us. 

Conducting research using internet resources

Buffalo Hunting

Historic Indians Lifeways and Material Culture

Middle Ceramic Period (A.D. 1250 to A.D. 1500)

Projectile Point Guides

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