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Wolf Creek Indian Garden

Update 5: Day 83 (8:00 am, July 29th, 2009)

Fig 1

Figure 1  The Newly Installed Garden Sign

Fig 2

Figure 2  View of Wichita Winter Squash Vine

Fig 3

Figure 3  Close-up of Wichita Squash

Fig 4

Figure 4  Close-up of Wichita Squash

Fig 5

Figure 5  Close-up of Arikara Bush Bean Plant

Fig 6

Figure 6  Close-up of Wichita Corn Tassels

Fig 7

Figure 7  Close-up of Young Wichita Corn Ears

Fig 8

Figure 8  Hidatsa Sunflowers (Replanted on June 25th, 2009)

Fig 9

Figure 9  Close-up of Arikara Squash

Fig 10

Figure 10  Doris Inspecting Wichita Corn Ears

Fig 11

Figure 11  Arikara Squash Ready for Harvest

Fig 12

Figure 12  Arikara Winter Squash Climbing the Garden Fence

Fig 13

Figure 13  Doris Checking for Cucumber Beetle Damage on Arikara Squash Leaves

Fig 14

Figure 14  Arikara Winter Squash Blossom

Fig 15

Figure 15  Arikara Watermelon Vines

Fig 16

Figure 16  Close-up of Arikara Watermelon

Fig 17

Figure 17  Close-up of Arikara Watermelons

Fig 18

Figure 18  Arikara Watermelon Vines


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